Terry Hughes Art

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991 Tyler St
Benicia, CA US

Seven years ago after reading a book about giraffes and their relocation during WWII, I decided to paint my first giraffe painting which launched me into painting 38 other African animals with a larger pallet knife. I get my inspiration from photos,images, nature and safari magazines. I usually do extensive reading on each subject, getting to know more about the habits and facts about each animal. This way allows me to feel more connected with the animal as I work on the larger canvas. The colors I choose are from my own pallet and add to the brillance and thickness of the piece. As the work is completed and hung to dry for a month or more, I have digital pictures taken and then made into smaller prints or giclees on canvas. This allows for everyone to enjoy a smaller images that is more affordable than the original large oil on canvas.

Thanks for shopping with us-Terry